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One unique aspect of Spices and Tease's product offering is our fabulous line of Precious Salt, Original Flavored Salt, Pure Pepper and Flavored Peppers … perfectly blended with age-old recipes. Beautiful colors and bold elements make up these one-of-a-kind condiments. Your next meal will never be the same after you add a dash of Black Hawaiian or Pink Himalayan salt. Experience a taste of something new and rare when you sprinkle your plate with Carrot Ginger or Cumin Mint salt.

Spices and Tease also mixes specialty herbs to make dynamic pepper combinations. From green pepper to long pepper, we also add hints of lemon, orange and other assorted flavors to bring out the very best in your culinary experience. 

We carry over 30 varieties of salt and pepper and they add that little something extra…the "je ne sais quoi" to your dish and to your repertoire.

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