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In French, “a table” is an expression that literally means….everyone “to the table”.

That’s precisely what Spices and Tease and I endeavor to do in this recipe blog….invite EVERYONE to our worldly, virtual table!Let’s enjoy preparing delicious meals for our families, discovering the excitement of exotic spices and elevate the ordinary to something extraordinary. Simply and easily.

My name is Lynn Cardin: International banker by trade….seasoned spice girl by choice. I have been fortunate to travel the world and enjoy a large, extended family (in the US and France). I am most proud of having exposing my young son’s palette to every cuisine and flavor under the sun…from my very own kitchen. In my mind, food and love are undeniably connected. It’s how I show my family and friends that I care.

Come along and enjoy this global table journey with me. Share your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

“A table!”

Lynn Cardin



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